Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Final Project

       It's the final project!!  This lab was a true test of my knowledge learned over the semester.
I composed a five series map showing the Bobwhite-Manatee Project.  Each map shows the parameters of one of four main objectives and a reference basemap.  The basemap shows the study area, the preferred corridor, a 400 Ft buffer zone, and an inset map of Florida for a spatial reference.  Map 2 depicts the impacted land use of the preferred corridor.  It shows how many homes and parcels are affected by the project.  I had to digitize the homes and use the intersect tool to find land parcels impacted. Results showed 66 homes and 255 parcels are impacted.  Map 3 shows the schools and daycares impacted by the preferred corridor.  For this dataset I had to use FGDL.org to obtain two data files.  Results showed that while 5 institutions were in the study area none were directly impacted by the preferred corridor or buffer zone.  The fourth map depicts environmentally sensitive lands impacted by the preferred corridor.  For this data I also used the intersect tool on both conservation areas and wetlands to locate impacted areas.  Results revealed 3 impacted conservation areas totaling 10,452.64 acres and 26,573,417.84 acres of wetlands impacted.  My final map shows the length of the centerline in the preferred corridor.  I first had to edit the major roads layer to draw a line through the center of the preferred corridor polygon and then measure the line with the ruler tool. The centerline measured to be 42,435.54 m (139,224.21 Ft).  We also had the option to derive the cost of the project but I ran out of time.  I had many issues with this lab that still go unexplained.  Most of my problems came every time I opened a saved map; I would find my data needed to be repaired.  Once I repaired the data the image would be scattered instead of layered on top of one another.  All layers had been re-projected into the same projection, however, that did not seem to matter.  I was advised to stick with the original projection and that managed to fix that problem.  I also had problems with the editing tool when drawing the centerline.  It would not save my final product; it would only save 3/4, by this time I had to continue without resolving the issue, due to time constraints.  I also just realized while writing this blog that I put the wrong info in the data box on Map 5 (I have so much repaired data and do-overs that I didn't notice til I looked up at my pics for a reference).  I apologize, the data is correct in my blog script but not on my map pic, or the links below.  I have provided links to my power point presentation along with a slide-by-slide transcript.  I had a great semester and I feel a bit more confident in my skills now but, this final lab has shown I still have much to learn.  I hope you enjoy! 


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